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About Corporate Guthi

Who are we?

Guthidotcom is an online media specialized in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability working withcorporates, NGOs and government departments. To us CSR means the ability to respond to society at large. it’s not about how you name it, but how you frame it and howyou act upon it. CSR is about: creating value from the core business delivering effective, sustainable and innovative products& services building new and trusting partnerships with societal stakeholders and other businesses into a sustainable futuresupport companies with the most innovative and efficient principles of CSR & equip them with integral strategies and tools.We can help you craft and communicate a sustainability strategy designed to cut resource consumption, reduce cost, savemoney, stand out from the competition, strengthen communities and, ultimately, improve lives.

What we do?

    1.Online documentation of CSR activities:Record your progress and keep an eye on CSR activity and report on it. Tell your Stakeholders what you are doing, and keep a track of your progress. We add and harmonize data inputs from government, NGOs, publications and crowd- and social network-based sources.
    2. We train and advise organizations of all sizes about Corporate Responsibility, helping them to understand and embed it in their operations. Our training and mentoring services range from short introductory briefings and workshops .We support CSR coordinators in research, strategic planning, project management, monitoring and sustainability reporting. How you can incorporate a well-thought out CSR strategy for your brand and socialize it.
    3. Media: We coordinate with print and visual media on articles about your CSR activities as there’s no need to keep quiet about the good things you are doing. We will beat the drums for you on the causes you support. We have monthly newsletters on Companies CSR efforts being circulated in the corporate world.
    4. CSR campaigns: Don’t waste your CSR efforts. A properly designed CSR program will have positive benefits for marketing. We convert your CSR ambition into a tailor-made CSR strategy that aligns your day-to-day business reality which reflects your company’s identity.
      5. Corporate CSR Ratings
    Our ratings are based on one simple formula: 1 participant = 1 day labor cost ( Rs 1000) = 1 point. We do not document entertainment causes by the companies. However, if the data can be limited, difficult to rate, we present the CSR activity to our panel of judges. Furthermore, it can be difficult to compare without a common framework to compile sources into a single consistent rating system. We believe that providing these corporate social ratings will increase the transparency of CSR progress and performance and develop a healthy sense of competition among the corporate sectors.
6. CSR opportunities proposals We present interesting and industry related CSR proposals to our corporate clients on a regular basis via emails.

Why do good deeds (CSR)?

  • New marketing tool
  • Cost savings and efficiency
  • Generate increased value for your brand
  • Increase productivity, margin and market share
  • Better employees are attracted – and stay with you
  • If your competitors aren’t already doing it they will be soon.
  • Potential partners want to work with a sustainable company for wholly practical reasons and to avoid the potential for damaging by bad publicity.