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About Personalities Guthi

"Boddhisattwos" of the 21st century is what we would like to call our heroes at guthidotcom. Our heroes come from different industries and professional backgrounds and yet they can show the act of compassion and can pursue and focus on empathy, flexibility, and persistence, and respect for different circumstances. Our "Boddhisattwos" are concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. They aim to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems.

The uniqueness of our boddhisattwos is that they blend their particular values, knowledge and skills, including the use of relationship as the basis of all interventions and respect for the less fortunate and some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society and aid to overcome possible oppression they face.

The actions of our Boddhisattows help to promote social change, solve problems and empower and liberate people to help enhance their wellbeing. At guthidotcom we share the good deeds carried by our heroes so that their values are acknowledged for further effectiveness and efficient social service practice and their values influence ant motivates others on the way.