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About Social Guthi

Who are we?

Guthidotcom is a CSR agency acting as a bridge in-between the corporate sectors and social sectors to deliver added value to both their business and society through effective CSR campaigns and charity strategies.

Our team is experienced in every corporate social responsibility activities and sustainability area that businesses need to succeed. Additionally, our creative and communications team ensure initiatives are communicated to various stakeholders with the right messaging and materials.

What we do?

1. Fundraising strategy development: Our fundraising consultancy services bring fresh, original thinking combined with thorough analysis, an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and our expertise of developing fundraising strategies and campaigns.

We can help you make the most of new ideas and opportunities by creating fundraising innovation processes within your organizationDeveloping techniques to improve idea and information sharing. We provide a tailored package of support, helping charities to address current issues whilst guiding them towards building high-impact programs and sustainable income for the future. We help improve specific areas of fundraising, or create new campaigns and programs. Whether you are a fundraising start-up, or a leading charity brand – we can work with you to generate substantial new income:

  • We work closely with charities to help deliver their strategies.
  • We create a compelling commercial case for support
  • We identify, research and select the most appropriate corporate partners
  • We guide you to create and present the Perfect Corporate Pitch that will secure those elusive corporate partnerships.
  • 2. Creating your case for support: We help many charities to tell their story and create appeals which capture donors’ hearts and minds. We bring together stakeholders from across your organization’s to pinpoint the funding need and find the most powerful way to communicate this to the charity’s different donors.

    We build persuasive emotional content and powerful stories that inspire strong support into the rational arguments. We follow this up with a range of creative ways for donors to get involved and feel part of the journey towards achieving your vision. Finally, we can help deliver the case for support with web design and content, and marketing materials. Membership of guthidotcom is open to all NGOs and social sectors that are legally registered, self-governed and politically non-partisan. The social sectors that are eligible for membership are the ones that are committed to the empowerment of poor and excluded communities, and are working transparently and accountably using democratic governance approaches.