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Etymology: derived from Nepal Bhasha (Newari language) “Gungu” meaning nine and “Thi” meaning gems, thus guthi means nine gems commonly can be referred to Navaratana which is a collection of nine auspicious gems according to Vedic Hindu mythology According to Wikipedia:“Guthi (Nepal Bhasa: गूठी) is a social organization that used to maintain the social order of Newar society.Presently, most of the guthies are defunct and are vestigial representation of what once was the most powerful social organization of the Newars.” In simple terms guthi can be defined as a social gathering where people work together for a common cause and a motive of selfless service with equality having no discrimination between the rich and the poor, worthy and unworthy, old and young. The major concept of guthidotcom is also derived from the concept of guthi. Basically acting as a bridge in between the social and corporate sectors, guthidotcom acts as a catalyst for needs and good deeds.

About guthidotcom:

Guthidotcomis an online CSRmedia/ agency acting as a bridge in-between the corporate sectors and social sectors to deliver added value to both their business and society through effective CSR campaigns and charity strategies. Our mission can be viewed from two perspectives: Towards the social sectors:
  • We help improve specific areas of fundraising, or create new campaigns and programs working closely with charities to help deliver their strategies.
  • We create a compelling commercial case for support
  • We identify, research and select the most appropriate corporate partners
  • We guidesocial sectors to create and present the Perfect Corporate Pitch that will secure those elusive corporate partnerships.

  • Towards the corporate sectors:

    Why do good deeds (CSR)?

  • New marketing tool
  • Cost savings and efficiency
  • Generate increased value for your brand
  • Increase productivity, margin and market share
  • Better employees are attracted – and stay with you
  • If your competitors aren’t already doing it they will be soon.
  • Potential partners want to work with a sustainable company for wholly practical reasons and to avoid the potential for damaging by bad publicity.

  • Few words from the Founder:

    "We all have a social conscience. We desire to improve the environment around us. Something inside ourselves urges us to contribute, share and help, to do what we can to improve the lives of our fellow-beings. It is this innate desire that impelled me to establish the website Guthidotcom. It is auspicious that my vision for this website resonates closely with my own personal values of honesty, transparency, integrity and truth. Money making is the only social responsibility of businesses! This statement used to be commonly accepted truth in the old times, but having entered the 21st century, corporate social responsibility has presented a new look. There are many ways to measure a company’s success. In my view, however, a truly successful company is one that finds a way to return some of its rewards to the communities in which it operates. I feel a company cannot consider itself truly successful unless it makes an active effort to give back. But more importantly, we believe that all our commercial activities should be balanced with compassionate actions to make the world a better place for future generations. CSR efforts are critical for any company that asks for the trust of society.CSR is not a destination but a journey: Each step can take you in the right direction, no matter how small or large that step may be. Our aim through this website is to chronicle the journey, allowing others to learn from our successes and our frustrations, as we believe that we should lead by example. By embracing the values of CSR, the private sector can send a strong signal to the global market that we are ensuring our commitments to society. It’s my hope that we can set an example to other companies by demonstrating that these contributions will actually create a very well-rounded company profile in which both management and staff can take great pride. At Guthidotcom, we have always tried to maintain a broad perspective on our role in society. But we do not simply collect data, we also use what we learn to enhance lifestyles and contribute to happiness in society As a relatively young CSR agency, Guthidotcom is already moving towards the right direction and has made progress largely due to the commitment of the people and conservation partners who have come to give nature a helping hand. It needs to be especially mentioned that innovative ideas for human development are not realized until prescribed systems are not applied. What is needed are new voices and a new perspective that can challenge the status quo. For my part, I pledge to motivate all our corporate partners to pursue greater individual awareness and self-control in regards to our social responsibilities. Please join us as we chart a new path forward. We look forward to your valuable advice, guidance, and indulgence to enable us to institutionalize accountability of CSR within our institutions, in our endeavors, and the larger objectives for social deeds.