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There are many ways to measure a company’s success. In our view, however, a truly successful company is one that finds a way to return some of its rewards to the communities in which it operates. We feel a company cannot consider itself truly successful unless it makes an active effort to give back. But more importantly, we believe that all our commercial activities should be balanced with compassionate actions to make the world a better place for future generations.

By embracing the values of CSR, the private sector can send a strong signal to the global market that we are ensuring our commitments to society.It’s our hope that we can set an example to other companies by demonstrating that these contributions will actually create a very well-rounded company profile in which both management and staff can take great pride.

At Guthidotcom, we are always trying to maintain a broad perspective on our role in society. But we do not simply collect data, we also use what we learn to enhance lifestyles and contribute to happiness in society.We record your progress and keep an eye on CSR activity and report on it. Tell your stakeholders what you are doing, and keep a track of your progress. We add and harmonize data inputs from government, NGOs, publications and crowd- and social network-based sources.

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