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Blood Donation Program conducted successfully by various branches

Blood donation is a service to mankind. The donor do not suffer from any weakness or anemic deficiency post donation. Our blood cells keep on producing blood and the drawn amount is compensated within a very short time. There are many blood disorders which need blood transfusions from time to time and the patient is dependent on those transfusions for living. So since blood donation do not affect the donor negatively, every person should adopt this habit. We can save a life from this noble deed.


The Sanima Bank has been organizing blood donation programs in various occasions such as during anniversaries or any other occasion. The importance of blood is very well known to us and the consequences if blood is not provided to the person in time is deadly. The blood donation programs are one of the main sources of blood collection to the various blood banks in the country.  The blood banks rely upon such blood donors for the blood for the other patients. The Sanima bank has been conducting many blood donation programs, the Damauli branch had successfully conducted the blood donation program on 01/07/2017, similarly the butwal branch had conducted the blood donation program in co-ordination with the Red cross society at the branch premises itself and the Pokhara branch too had conducted the blood donation program successfully.