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Kidney Hospital established

Kidney disease is also known as nephropathy or renal disease. Kidney diseases usually causes kidney failure (renal failure) to more or less degree, with the amount depending on the type of disease. In precise usage, disease denotes the structural and etiologic disease entity whereas failure denotes the malfunction; for example, the terms chronic kidney disease and chronic renal failure are usually considered synonymous. Acute kidney disease has often been called acute renal failure, although nephrologists now often tend to call it acute kidney injury.
Kidney disease victimizes 2,500-3,000 people a year in Nepal. Since complete treatment for kidney disease is not yet available in Nepal people are forced to seek treatment in other countries, which is expensive for most Nepalese. Ani Choying Drolma knows the challenges people face here from the lack of complete treatment, as her own mother passed away due to the lack of proper treatment in Nepal. 
For this reason, Ani seeks to establish a kidney hospital in Nepal, where quality dialysis and kidney transplants can be offered at affordable cost. Two hospitals in Kathmandu have recently started kidney transplantation service, but still it is not up to the mark. Nuns Welfare Foundation has made a donation of Rs. 1.9 million to the National Kidney Center to assist in availing such service to the poor and needy patients. 
The government of Nepal had pledged to allocate some land for the proposed kidney hospital. However, this has yet to materialize and can be attributed to the political disturbance and transition witnessed in Nepal over the last few years. We are still optimistic and are urging the concerned authorities to fulfill their commitment towards this cause.