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Pure Drinking Water Project

Drinking Water is an important part of our life. It is one of our basic needs which we cannot live without. God has been very kind to our country to provide her unlimited natural resources. Nepal is the second richest country in water resources in the world. We can see many rivers, brooks, streams, falls, lakes and small springs. Among them, rivers are the most important water resources in Nepal. Even though our country has the ability to supply water to the many parts of Asia we are not able to supply water enough to fulfill our own needs. The lack of proper management of the resources has caused many problems. To slove the problem of drinking water one of the renowned singing star as well as a social worker Ani Choying Drolma had solved the problem of the people living in the Seti Devi VDC with the financial support of Stifung Water Fuer Die Welt, Germany, the pure drinking water project was started in 2006. This project has not only served as a reservoir of water, but furthermore, the  locals of Seti Devi VDC have been able to distribute the water through pipes to individual homes. Thus, they have access to clean drinking water from taps in their own homes, rather than make an labourious journey to manually carry water in portable vessels. The project has distributed 235 private taps, and 7 public taps . The women of Setidevi are most appreciative and grateful of this facility.