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Anil Shah

Mr.Anil Khesari Shah ( CEO of Mega Bank)

“Mr. Anil Keshari Shah, CEO of Mega Bank Nepal Ltd, is a highly popular CEO of Nepal who has a panoramic and clear picture of the corporate business world. Shah is one among a handful of highly successful people who have achieved their professional triumph within a short span of two decades. Amazingly he started his banking career as a “trainee” which is supposed to be a low profile job from present Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd.“


High ambition, positive attitude, dedication, and commitment to his responsibility brought him to the top of this highly lucrative job today. “Clear vision, team commitment and proper job placement are the secret tips for the successful accomplishment of any organizational goals”, he adds.


Born in 1966 to his parents; late Dr. Narayan Keshari Shah and Bindeshwori Shah, Anil Shah received his school education from seven different schools of Kathmandu. Having the academic degree of A- level followed by BBA, he did his MBA degree in Marketing from India. Interestingly, Shah also was the first Nepali citizen to have been appointed as the CEO in Nabil Bank Ltd, a joint Venture Bank in Nepal. Currently, he is more popular as the towering paid CEO of Nepal. His varied experiences, dedication, innovative managerial skill, and proper mobilization of team are some of the strengths Shah deserves and have wonderfully brought him to this state of what Shah is today.


However, Shah views the world as a narrow scape due to communication and globalization where people have been wandering from one corner of the world to another without knowing their strengths and value. As a result, they have been the victim of their own because of the lack of their self realization and actualization. One should be intelligent and studious in order to make the life meaningful, stresses Anil Shah.


He shares the secrets of his management style in a connotative way, “Just like there is a band master in an orchestra who binds all the members together with equal value recognizing their individual strength, I also find out what they are good at and accordingly I assign them various tasks. I provide them full freedom and let them work independently. Understanding their intelligence is very important to me”.


How is Mega Bank different from other Banks?


“It is probably the only bank in Nepal which has 1219 promoters from 63 different districts. However, it is also an average bank like others. It is a bank of Nepalese in which any Nepali can invest like in any other sectors; hydro- power, cement factory, health sector and so on. There are various working modalities in different organizations. Some apply bottom to top modality, some of them apply top to bottom pyramid whereas we are making a proper balance between these popular models. Next distinctive feature of Mega bank is that we have tried to incorporate people from all walks of life as the human capitals. Through this practice, we want to develop a mixed and unique culture and value among our workforces”.


When asked about the most memorable moment of his life: (with pleasant smile):  “It was when I was in love with my wife Rati Shah. Actually it was a great moment for me which brought a drastic change in my family as well as in professional life, too”. However, marriage can’t be narrowed just to carry out the household activities, cohabitation and to born the babies rather it deserves something more. Marriage is a union and sharing between two hearts which eventually pushes ahead and helps to achieve the life goal successfully.


What are the most cheerful and the most heartbreaking moment of your life?


“Aarya Shah, my only loving daughter, was the greatest achievement in my life whereas the demise of my father on 13th Feb 2010 was the most terrorizing moment ever in my life”.


What are you strong at ?


“It’s communication. I believe I can communicate with people very well. Next, I am good at motivating team. If we communicate and motivate people, we can get the things done successfully on time. Moreover, I learn from people no matter who they are. Similarly, I have clear vision, plan and determination”.


When asked about the motivating factors for his success, Shah reveals that it is his high ambition and positive attitude which pushes individual always a step ahead. We need to love and value our work. Similarly, a single person can’t do something significant. So, we have to learn to work in team creating      synergy. Team synergy definitely results into success.


When asked a question about his palate he says that he adorns Nepali food like Dal, Bhat, Tama, mutton with skin, tomato pickle etc. very much.


To Anil Shah, clear vision, productive human capital and placement of the right person on right position are the three major principal tips which possibly can strengthen the corporate business.   Vision is the first step of success. We have to invest our capital for people rather than for the physical aspects. If we succeed to satisfy our customers, it definitely results into sustainability and success of the entire business organization.


Shah eyes life and business in the same horizontal line. Both life and business are great puzzle and uncertain which we need to handle wisely foreseeing the future. Like in business there are various aspects in life, too. If one aspect is missed to incorporate properly, then it makes the life as well as the business bizarre. A professionally tycoon also may fail to manage family, social life and responsibility bringing disaster and vice versa. Hence, we have to make a proper balance among all these aspects like profession, family, friends, societal and so on in our life to make it really meaningful.

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