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Club Himalaya

Club Himalaya ECO efforts

It is hard to imagine the scenario of Nagarkot before late 1990's.  Despite being only 32kms away from the capital city, Nagarkot lacked all the basic utilities such as road, electricity, telephone line, water, health care and schools. The only source of living for the local villagers was farming. Deforestation was alarmingly high because people cut trees for cooking and sell them for livelihood as there was no other source of income.

With the motive of promoting Nagarkot as a popular tourist destination, The Tea House Inn and Club Himalaya Nagarkot were established. Both the establishments have become the landmark of Nagarkot today. It has been our consistent effort to develop and promote Nagarkot because we believe in growing together. We feel responsible to provide quality service to our clients, treat our people fairly, support the communities where we do business, and protect the environment we all live and work in. It's all part of corporate responsibility at Club Himalaya Nagarkot.

We are committed to continuous involvement in community development work to conserve and develop the immediate surroundings of our resort.



Waste Management: In attempt to preserve the environment, we compost all the biodegradable wastes whereas all non-biodegradable and solid wastes are brought to the dumping site in Bhaktapur. The waste water is utilized for watering the trees and the grass.

Eco-friendly products: At Club Himalaya, we strongly use eco-friendly products such as recycled paper products and also all our interior decoration items are locally made.

Energy Saving:Our attempt to conserve energy has proved successful by generating energy through windmill that utilizes the abundant wind blowing in the Windy hills.

Social Welfare Fund: One of our efforts is the social welfare fund that we created to help environment preservation, education, and culture heritage and income generation project for Nagarkot community. Guests are encouraged to make contribution to be utilized for the development of Nagarkot and the local villagers.

We hope to continue our sincere efforts in building and promoting Nagarkot in years to come.


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