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Bhaktapur Animal Welfare Society

dogs rescue

 Animal (Dog) Birth Control Program in Bhaktapur May10- June11 2013

Project Nina for Champ initiated with the support from Nina Winsenes. She was here in Nepal for her research study. And she mate Champ a handicap dog in Durbar Square. She wanted to help the street dogs suffering in the street. She brought champ and other sick dogs when she was here in Bhaktapur for the treatment and kept good care of the dogs nearby the place she stayed.
After finishing her research study she had to go back to her place. She wanted someone to adapt champ, so that he got good care and good food to eat. She looked around many places and asked people to get him adapted. But she couldn’t get a foster family for him. Lastly she approached us and asked us if we could provide him shelter after she leaves. We agreed, and Champ was here at our place. Thin, emaciated and little dirty. We cleaned him up treated him and adapted him in our place. When Nina got back to her place she wanted to sponsor some money for Champ. And we said if she could provide us some money we can go for the survey and some pilot spaying project so that we can start the work of Animal Birth Control Program.  Nina and her friend agreed with the proposal and helped us financially.
 Bjorn Erik Brekke, Nina’s friend supported us for the dog survey and we estimated the total dog population in the Bhaktapur municipality. And financial support from Nina we started the Animal Birth Control Program. With the limited resources and limited financial support we began the project hoping we will reach the target we initiated 5 years before. When we started the work targeting 37 dogs. And another support from Hillary Roberts Kloetzil and Yanneke Josephus Jitta ,we added up the number of dogs. 12 from Hillary and 3 from Yanneke and 8 dogs was sponsored by our commercial clinic Vet For Your Pet. We were happy to start the project.
The work began on 10 may 2013, the catching was started from the area near to the Clinic. The main motive of the work was awareness of the work we do in the society, and to reduce the unwanted population of the dogs in the community and immunizing them against rabies.
While doing the dog catching local people appreciated the work we were doing and some of them helped us during the work, and children showed their interest too.
The catching was done with the sack method and delivered in the motorcycle. Since we didn’t have the facility to transport the dogs in the truck we picked and dropped the dogs in the motor bike that we have.
Every work we do gives us lesson for life. And this time we learnt some more things about the work we did. This time as usual we had the tattoo and the ear notching as the identification tool along with that we had the blue collar on the dog. We say it to the public around when we pick up the dog and when we put the dog back in the same place. But if we can put out the posters hanging in the main street where people can see it would be a good mileage so that people will understand and can know about the ongoing work. For that we need to put hands on the awareness section aswell. Another thing is people with the low economy too looks after the dogs in the community and they expect for the Immunization of their dogs against rabies, so if we can provide vaccines and medical support for them it would cover more mileage for the animals in need.
Essential things we are lacking for the work we do is proper animal keeping place. We have three kennels and a big room. We bring the dog and keep them all in a big room. Since the kennel outside is packed with the dogs that are there from before. So if we make some good dog keeping place it would be more good for the dogs and good for the work we do. If we get some technical instructions for the setup and the work we do it would be more better. So we seek help from our friends for our training and guidance.
We are really thank ful to our friends who helped us to make the work done. We are still learning and we are trying to help to make life better, we will continue it and we expect for more help and support from our well-wisher and our friends.